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Valiant Engineering Industries Co. (VEICO)

Valiant Engineering Industries Co. (VEICO) is a leading single source supplier of engineering services, equipment, and materials for various industries, including oil & gas, power & energy, water & wastewater, and tank erection. They specialize in providing comprehensive solutions throughout the entire project lifecycle, from concept to completion.

In the oil & gas industry, VEICO offers a wide range of products and services to support exploration, production, and refining operations. They provide engineering design and consulting services, equipment procurement, installation, and maintenance, as well as supply of materials such as pipelines, valves, pumps, and instrumentation. By being a single source supplier, they ensure seamless coordination and integration of all project components, resulting in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For the power & energy sector, VEICO assists in the development and implementation of power generation projects, both conventional and renewable. They offer engineering solutions for power plants, transmission systems, and distribution networks. Additionally, they supply equipment like turbines, generators, transformers, and control systems. By relying on a single source supplier, clients can streamline their procurement process and benefit from better project management.

The water & wastewater industry can also benefit from VEICO 's single source approach. They provide engineering services for water treatment plants, pumping stations, and infrastructure projects. Moreover, they supply a range of equipment and materials required for these facilities, including pumps, pipes, valves, and filtration systems. By consolidating their sourcing activities with a single supplier, clients can simplify their supply chain and reduce overhead costs.

Lastly, VEICO specializes in tank erection, catering to the storage needs of various industries. They offer engineering and construction services for above-ground storage tanks, including design, fabrication, and installation. Alongside, they provide the necessary equipment and materials, such as steel plates, coatings, and sealants. By choosing a single source supplier like VEICO, customers can benefit from improved project coordination and timely delivery.

Overall, VEICO 's single source procurement model offers several advantages. It ensures a streamlined supply chain, eliminates the need for managing multiple suppliers, reduces procurement and administrative costs, and promotes better project coordination and efficiency. By relying on a trusted and experienced supplier like VEICO, clients in the oil & gas, power & energy, water & wastewater, and tank erection industries can focus on their core operations while enjoying a seamless procurement experience.

Valiant Engineering Industries Co. (VEICO)